Cialis is a popular and effective medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) produced by the Eli Lilly® company. Numerous clinical trials [1] have proved its effectiveness.

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Cialis does not change color perception like Viagra, it can be taken together with a reasonable amount of alcohol and fatty food, and the most important thing is that it acts much longer than any other drugs – up to 36 hours!

Cialis is absorbed into the blood within 15 minutes and reaches a maximum concentration two hours after admission.

Cialis is available in the form of tablets in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg doses.

Cialis is the only ED medication that can remain effective for up to 36 hours. This can be a benefit because you won’t feel rushed to have sex right away. Cialis also starts working quickly. Since it starts working in as few as 30 minutes, it’s possible to have spontaneous sex whenever the mood is right.

In clinical trials, Cialis has been shown its effectiveness even in cases of mild and severe erectile dysfunction. It’s easy and convenient to use Cialis because you can take it with or without food.

How to take Cialis

Take the drug only as directed by your physician. Cialis works best if taken approximately 30 minutes before a sexual encounter. After taking the pill, you will not get an erection until you are sexually stimulated, and after sex, the erection will not appear until you’re sexually aroused again. The effects of Cialis can last up to 36 hours, so it’s possible to get more than one erection per dose.

Side effects

Cialis is generally well tolerated, but side effects are possible. Common minor side effects include headache, stomach upset, muscle pain and soreness, skin flushing, and nasal congestion. These minor side effects should not last more than 24 hours.

All side effects should subside within 48 hours. Tell your doctor if you experience more serious or persistent side effects when taking Cialis.


Before ordering the drug, you should visit your doctor, who review your medical history and health status. You should tell your doctor if you have any health problems, including heart failure, high or low blood pressure, liver problems, kidney problems, ulcers, etc. Tell your doctor if you have anatomical abnormalities of the penis.